A Venture

Unlikely maybe, but there is something of a “hidden gem” about “A Venture”. It’s a song written by Jon Anderson from The Yes Album that hasn’t been played live like all the other songs on that record. The bassline begins very self-contained on the neck pickup, and then begins to come out of the shell until it bursts on a very cool and distinctive blues/pentatonic solo. For that, I assumed the bridge pick-up was used and also thought maybe Chris played it behind the horseshoe. NOTE – for the time being this may be the last clip I upload until YouTube removes this awful audio compression scheme that many of you may have noticed. I searched around for days trying to fix the problem, but sadly this version was the best I could manage, mixing a sine wave of 10Hz. You still hear some noises on both ends of the video and still some YouTube dumb compression that I am not responsible for, aside deciding to upload the video. My apologies to all and still hoping you will enjoy my work. Thank You.


Looking Around

In this clip I had to find the fine line between playing note by note and getting a natural feel. As a result there is some “ad-libbing” but I hope the feeling should compensate that :) “Looking Around” is one good example of how Chris Squire was inspired by elements of soul/R&B from the era: syncopated playing, incorporating octave leaps, yet adapting it to his own taste, picking style and that thunderous Rickenbacker timbre, resulting in a wonderful groove and great fun to play along. I hope you enjoy it like I did!

You can also view the remastered and expanded version :)

Bass: Rickenbacker 4001CS

Strings: Warwick Red Label (45-105, stainless steel)

Preamp: Sansamp Bass Driver DI (BDDI)

Signal path: Bass→BDDI→PC

Astral Traveller

Bassline for Time and a Word’s “Astral Traveller”. This one totally drives the whole song. Actually the whole album is very “bassy” thanks to a very generous mix (if all Yes albums were like that…!:) This song turned out to be more exhausting to play than I expected. After a good deal of takes, both hands started to give up, especially on those high-register 16ths!

Oh btw, in case you haven’t noticed, I couldn’t really play those high ‘E’s at 2:36 and 2:42. Chris played a 21-fretter back then. The 4001CS is a regular 20-fret… I pressed the neck after the 20th fret anyway and it sounded something like an E… although without any sustain. What you hear there is mostly the original bass. Hopefully I will try to do it one time on a 21-fretter!

This time I brought a little patriotic element making this one and associated the concept “Astral Traveller” to a travel back in time, to the late XI centrury, illustrating the history of my Nation through the evolution of our Flag. Funilly enough, today is June 10th, our National Holiday so I guess it all comes together pretty well:) Hope this does not become too distractive. Thanks for watching!


One of my all-time favourite bass lines and songs of Yes – Parallels, written by Chris Squire, from the album Going For The One.

SETUP: Early 70’s Fender Jazz Bass, a brand new set of Blue Steels, Sansamp Bass Driver DI, GR3 “bass pro” ampeg SVT emulator. The sansamp settings make a huge difference but I don’t remember them. If you need more details just send me a message.

On the Silent Wings of Freedom

Note: A remastered version of this video, with better quality can be watched here.

On the Silent Wings of Freedom was my first YES-bassline video, recorded, most appropriately, to celebrate Chris Squire’s 60th birthday.

“onward, through the night”… of March 4th 2008, celebrating the 60th “ever opening flower” of Mr.Chris Squire. My 1st attempt on YouTube, hope you like it. More to come soon, “hopefully, eventually”!

Bass: Rickenbacker 4001CS

Strings: Rotosound Swing Bass RS66LD (45-105, stainless steel)

Preamp: Sansamp Bass Driver DI (BDDI)

Effects: Guitar Rig 3 – Autofilter (envelope filter) and Chorus