I See You

Remembering Chris Squire, six years upon his passing, I have made a cover video of “I See You”, from Yes’ debut album. This video was a suggestion from my dear Patron Doran Cox, who has especially supported this video by becoming a Super Bass Patron. I am also pleased to announce that there will be a follow-up bass-only version of this video!

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As always, thank you to all my Patrons! And… thank you for watching!

YMP – Tormato bass sounds

This week I had the great pleasure to join the Yes Music Podcast to discuss the bass sounds used by Chris Squire on Tormato. YMP hosts Kevin and Mark make also great comments about it. I hope you have a good time with this episode!

Here is the link to the show! https://yesmusicpodcast.com/miguel-falcao-takes-us-through-chris-squires-setup-for-tormato-505/

Ambient Bass Sounds – Neunaber Immerse MKII

I have made a new video with some ambient bass sounds of my Rickenbacker, using one pedal that I have acquired thanks to the support of my Patrons – the Neunaber Immerse Reverberator MKII. 

This is a very beautiful sounding reverb pedal which I am currently exploring on my setup, mostly to achieve some ambient bass tones, for some free improvisation experiments.

Future Times / Rejoice (isolated bass)

This is the bass-only (isolated bass) version of my previous cover of Future Times / Rejoice.

Thanks for watching!

Future Times / Rejoice

Future Times / Rejoice is indeed a very special song for me. This was the song that introduced me to the Yes from the 70’s. My good friend Pedro was already a big fan and he wanted me to listen to the classic stuff, as I was getting very interested in Yes after he lent me a VHS cassette of 9012 Live, that I was already very fond of.

However, when I placed the needle on the LP and the first intro of Future Times came in, I was struck by this dramatic sound of a Rickenbacker bass, processed with effects, allied to Chris Squire’s note choices, and how it interacted with the band’s arrangement and colourful lyrics. I was overwhelmed with all this music and I had the feeling that I couldn’t absorb all that information at once. I felt an immense power, a superior level of musicianship that fascinated me. It was this song that triggered my will to discover everything I could about Yes’ works, not to mention the specific impact on my relationship with the bass guitar.The credited “harmonized Rickenbacker bass” was a mystery to me, and also served to investigate all things technical of Chris’ playing. I would only make suppositions, invent theories of what could be the reason for that “harmonized” sound. I was sure of only one thing – I adored it.

Many years later, with access to internet, I have found the answer. Chris, running his bass in stereo, would route each pickup output to different effects. In this song, the treble pickup goes to the Mutron III envelope filter pedal. The other one goes to an Eventide harmonizer unit, which has a slight pitch-shifting setting which adds a chorus like effect. Although the exact settings and routing I am not sure of, I have tried to reconstruct an effect setting that would be close enough. The other issue is that, because Chris sound is so prominent in the mix. it’s very hard to add a copy-like performance on top of that because the original can’t be removed. I tried to play as close as I could. The characteristics of the Mutron, being an effect that reacts to dynamics, are very difficult to reproduce because not only the effects settings must be close enough to Chris’, but also the dynamics with which I play each note should be alike. Of course these are many variables that are virtually impossible to reproduce accurately. Also I wouldn’t want to be too worried that I would not feel natural just playing and enjoying the song.

This is a song that really has a special meaning to me and that I wanted to play for a long time. I felt that, six years upon Chris’ passing, the time had come – “six the tears that separate”.

Eu Sou Eu – lyrics video

My first released single, published by CD Baby – For a long time I wished to restart producing my own music. This song was worked during the last months, actually with an idea that lived with me for a long time, and was developed to the final stages as soon as I took the decision to become a full-time musician and music teacher.

In this song, you will hopefully find hints of the music world that you know I love – my vision of Yes Music, with the eternal presence of my musical hero, Chris Squire. The emphasis on the tone of the Rickenbacker bass, Moog Synths and bass pedals, odd-time meters, and puzzle-layered vocal harmonies are elements that always have floated in my imagination – although in this composition I tried to join them in a way that sounded simple and intuitive to the listener, and the first listener was me!
The lyrics are in Portuguese, but whether you understand or not the words, you are invited to picture your own scenery as you listen to it.

Thank you for being with me through this journey .

Please check your favourite music platforms below to listen to this song in the best audio quality – here are links for some of the main services : Apple Music Spotify Amazon Music

Turn Of The Century transcription

Our friend Simon Gilman has kindly shared with us a transcription of my bass cover of Turn Of The Century, which I have presented previously in 2014, and presented additional info in this post.

You may download it, in pdf format, here.

Many thanks to Simon for another excellent contribution for the analysis of the works of Chris Squire. You may also find more of Simon’s transcriptions from this post.

Article at Acid Dragon magazine

Today I received a lovely message from our friend Christian Staebler at Acid Dragon magazine, a publication dedicated to progressive rock since 1988. I was featured in Christian’s favourite YouTube channels. Thank you very much, Christian and Acid Dragon for this kindest mention! You may find out more about Acid Dragon at http://www.aciddragon.eu/

No Opportunity Necessary, No Experience Needed

To celebrate Chris Squire’s 73rd Birthday, I have made one more bass cover video. This time it was Time and a Word’s “No Opportunity Necessary, No Experience Needed”. Happy Birthday, Chris!