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This year we celebrate the Winter Solstice with Play For Chris 7!

There is also a new format that includes Words For Chris, where fans express themselves by words, memories and feelings about Chris.

Thank you to my Patrons for supporting me financially, for believing that what I do is worth it. Thank you to all my friends who encouraged me and shown me excitement in seeing the final result, as I was describing what I wanted to do.

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We’ve made it again, something different but always special!


I See You

Remembering Chris Squire, six years upon his passing, I have made a cover video of “I See You”, from Yes’ debut album. This video was a suggestion from my dear Patron Doran Cox, who has especially supported this video by becoming a Super Bass Patron. I am also pleased to announce that there will be a follow-up bass-only version of this video!

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As always, thank you to all my Patrons! And… thank you for watching!

Koprivshtitsa festival 2022 – part 1

This is the first edit of my recordings at the Koprivshtitsa festival of Bulgarian Folklore Art.

At the arrival to the festival, me and my gadulka teacher, Angel Dobrev, arrived at master luthier of gadulka Anton Antonov. Next there are some recordings of stage 6, with groups from the Sofia district. Hope you like it!

Sound Chaser (re-upload)

Continuing the re-upload of my Relayer album cover series in the loving memory of Alan and Chris. Sound Chaser, originally published in 2018. More will follow, including the isolated bass version of this video.

26th International Folk Festival Plovdiv 2022

From my recordings at the XXVI International Folklore Festival at Plovdiv’s Ancient Theatre. This is the closing day featuring groups from Bulgaria, Turkey and Georgia.

Ensemble Trakia at the 26th International Folk Festival Plovdiv 2022

This year I could finally take a vacation and part of my holiday was spent in Bulgaria, for my gadulka lessons, visiting friends and watch musical events. One of the highlights was to meet my friend bass player Stela Petrova and watch her perform with Ensemble Trakia at Plovdiv’s Ancient Theatre, closing the 26th International Folklore Festival. As you may notice, the double-bass could be clearly heard from the place I was standing. The Ensemble performed one short number and the mandatory closing piece where the audience and the remaining festival participants are invited to dance on stage with the ensemble.

The Gates of Delirium (iii) Soon – isolated bass

Dear friends, as promised, and after a period of vacation, I’m updating this website, starting with the entry of the isolated bass version of Soon, the third part of Gates of Delirium, which I had re uploaded last month. Thank you for being here!

It’s My Life 5-string – isolated bass

This is the last video of the custom video series made for our friend Doran Cox. The isolated bass version of Talk Talk’s “it’s my life” bass cover on a 5-string bass. The original cover video is here.
I would like to thank Doran Cox for supporting my work with these custom videos!

It’s My Life – isolated bass

Isolated bass version of the custom cover video made for Doran Cox.

Play For Chris 8 – extended deadline

Play for Chris 8 is the 8th edition of the worldwide tribute to Chris Squire.

Please note that the deadline has been extended to August 31, 2022

Play For Chris 8 and Words for Chris are still OPEN for submissions! Apply on the link below

Play for Chris 8/ Words for Chris – “Alan White”

It’s My Life 5-string

Second custom video made for our friend Doran Cox. Talk Talk’s “it’s my life” , this time in a 5-string bass, Warwick Thumb Bass 5. The 4-string version was released previously. In both of them you hear the bass through my new wonderful Bass compressor by Empress Effects!

It’s My Life

Here’s the first of a series of custom videos made for our friend Doran Cox. Talk Talk’s “it’s my life” is a song I knew since the day it came out and I used to listen to it on the radio, even before I had a real bass to play. However I already enjoyed Paul Webb’s bass line a lot so this time I really went to learn it! Hope you enjoy it too and stay tuned for the 5-string bass version! In both of them you hear the bass through my new wonderful Bass compressor by Empress Effects!