About me

Self-taught bass guitar, concluded double-bass studies at the Conservatório de Música de Coimbra, attended some jazz and improvsation workshops/classes lead by musicians such as Bernardo Moreira, Didi, Carlos Zíngaro and William Parker. Attended a course on Portuguese Music taught by Dr. Pedrosa Cardoso. Participated in some students’ classical orchestras and ensembles. Main previous acts: Nássi Barbatão, M’as Foice, Mortuary, Baladas Bailadas, Cool Train Trio, Caffeine; Also performed with: Sua Excelência, Just Jazz Friends, Doutor Estranho Amor, Né Ladeiras; Recent activity: Falcão-Marinho (with Nuno Marinho), Star, Panda Pompoir. Current solo projects: YES/Chris Squire bassline videos, BEBE (Bulgarian Electric Bass Ensemble) and some original compositions.