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“I had a lot of fun with online bass lessons with Miguel! He is a friendly teacher and has a lot of knowledge on theory and technique. He is flexible and teaches you what you want to know. Recommended!” – Jasper, The Netherlands

“There’s no question how much I’ve benefited from your instruction and suggestions during those sessions, and my playing is better for it. Thank you doesn’t even begin to express my appreciation to you for that, Miguel! It was always so obvious that you’d spent significant time beforehand preparing for the lesson, so I know all your students will benefit as much as I have!!” – Stan, USA

“I have had my first series of lessons with Miguelbass and can testify that he has a great way of teaching over video. A good mixture of theory, fun playing, exercises and conversation. He is very adaptable. I highly recommend him. I will be certainly be booking more lessons with him.” Peter, UK

“Miguel is a fantastic teacher. He has a great breadth of musical knowledge that crosses many genre types. If you like the group Yes, then you are in for a treat… a true scholar of all things Yes!” – Doran, USA

“At the beginning of 2020, after a long ‘hiatus’, I decided it was time to pick up my bass again. As a long-time fan of Yes/Chris Squire music, I had always admired Miguel’s YouTube covers and decided to reach out to him for ‘virtual’ lessons. Always patient and clear – both in the theory and practical – with his guidance over the last several months, I have made more progress in technique and have much more confidence in my playing. Despite playing on different sides of the world, working with Miguel has been a great experience and a real privilege.” – Chris, USA

I announce to my dear friends in the channel that this year I leave my regular job, and dedicate myself to Music in full-time. Therefore I am at your disposal for musical services and of course continuing with the online lessons.

The entering fee is 25€ for a full hour session or 100€ for a set of five.

Contact me so we can schedule a FREE consultation via your preferred video chat app (Skype, Zoom, Whatsapp, etc.)

I speak Portuguese (native) and English (fluent) but I have some understanding of French, Spanish, Italian, Romanian, Bulgarian and Russian languages.

What do I have to offer?

  • Bass lessons from beginning to intermediate levels – I initially have learned bass guitar by myself. Later I did complete music school and currently I teach bass at local academies. I propose to show you my own approach to the bass guitar on techniques, getting familiar with the bass, learning to play a bassline and come up with your bass parts, and to complement this approach with more formal contents, as I explain later on.
  • Works of Chris Squire – If you have seen my YouTube videos, you know how much I admire the great Chris Squire, who, in spite of his untimely passing, is and will be forever my biggest musical influence. Studying his incredible work for over 25 years is the largest contribution to my development as a bass player and musician. I would like to share with you this experience, hoping that it makes you evolve as well and, if you are a fan of Chris’ too, to be able to feel his music closer.

What about theory? Exercises?

  • I have graduated in “classical” music school (double bass) and I can provide complementary musical theory notions, if you wish, whether it’s learning to read music, key signatures, time signatures, scales, modes, harmony, analysis, etc… and, more importantly, to incorporate those notions in your playing.
  • If you are interested in odd-meter signatures, which are very popular on the progressive rock field, I can also help you with that. I am a student of Bulgarian folk music, which can add a lot to that department as well!
  • Ear-training is an extremely valuable resource for me – and that’s the sort of practice that I would favour, to be able to recognize melodies, intervals, chords and specifically to “extract” basslines by ear, which is how I do it.

Gear, accessories, technology

I can advise you on several aspects of your playing on topics such as effects, amp settings, strings, bass maintenance and setup. Additionally I can also share my experience with software used to record your music, audio and video production.

What are not my specialties?

Styles such as slap or funk are not my specialty, so I wouldn’t be a good  teacher at that. The same with very fast tapping or “shredding”. I am sure there are far better tutors for those styles. Although I like all musical styles, I am mostly a rock bass player. However I have some experience on other playing styles such as jazz and I can provide you some notions of that, like for instance to play a walking bass, or to improvise to a standard.

Checklist for the classes

  • Your bass gear
  • Computer with Skype and headset system
  • Good internet connection. Before the first lesson we will make a test to ensure everything is running well on both sides (no charge)
  • PayPal account
  • This list may extend, according to your goals.
  • Before the first class I will send you a questionnaire so I can know in advance of your musical skills and interests in order to save time and prepare a personalized program for you, with your agreement


I consider the work between classes as a major progress factor and I will assign homework for you in every class. I will also be available to support you via email with your homework.

Contact me so we can schedule a FREE consultation via your preferred video chat app (Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp, etc.)

Thank you!



12 thoughts on “Online Lessons

  1. Okay: I have once again watched/listened to your performance of AWAKEN. It has been my favorite piece of music since shortly after it was released and has done nothing but expand in meaning and power with each passing year (majestic, transcendent)! Watching & hearing you NAIL IT while also clearly appreciating the tune for what it is absolutely compels me to take up the bass (vs. the ‘air bass’ I have been playing for decades).I will follow up once I have geared up (browsing your site now for any equipment recommendations you might have). You have both my attention and respect Miguel.

    1. Hello Jasper!
      Thank you very much for your warm message! I’m very glad to know you’re decided to take up the bass. Feel free to ask for any advice if you’re looking for gear, just drop me an email. All the best!

  2. have a Rickenbacker 4003s mono wiring and dots in the neck. Main problemI have is that there is always a lot of hum and buzz. I also have 2 jazz basses and a Hagstrom Scanbass, all with single coil pickups. They are all quiet, but my Rick makes a lot of noise! In forums about Rickenbacker basses I also read a lot about this problem, especially when I use more gain to get a more overdriven Squire sound.
    Do you have this problem?
    Do you know a way to solve this hum and buzz sounds?

    Hope to hear from you!

    Greatings from Ab

  3. Miguel, your perfect versions of Heart of the sunrise and Roundabout helped me fill in all those missing pieces I could never get for decades. Your attention to detail is second to none. Can you please do a version of And you and i ?

  4. Dear Miguel,
    I’ve been impressed, inspired by your musical and video talents. I, too, have been moved by Chris Squire’s unparalleled (pun intended), melodic bass playing as well his musicianship, unique sounds, harmonies.
    Can you send more info about the lessons you offer and how to access the material?
    With respect,
    -Steve Capus

    1. Dear Steve, thank you very much for writing me. It’s a pleasure to hear about your feelings for Chris’ music. Thank you also for letting me know that you’re inspired by my videos. About the lessons, currently I offer Skype sessions. I will send you a message shortly with further details.
      Best regards,

  5. Tempus Fugit is absolutely the holy grail song for me, that I love. It’s so great to watch someone so talented as yourself, to carry on Chris Squire’s legendary performances.

      1. Give a listen to a Tori Amos release, about a year ago. “Spies” is a song that has a reminiscent Chris Squire busyness and attitude, being brilliantly performed on bass.

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