Montreux’s Theme (Jazz Bass)

Here is my first take using a Fender Jazz Bass, which was the most voted bass on the poll that I created.

I will make another version with the Rickenbacker, which was the runner-up.

Thank you so much for voting and commenting! Hopefully Chris will provide us the correct answer!

Bass: Fender Jazz Bass 1975 Re-issue, MIJ

Strings: Rotosound Swing Bass RS66LD (45-105, stainless steel)

Signal conditioning: Boss LM-2 (limiter)

Preamp: Sansamp Bass Driver DI (BDDI)

Signal path: Bass→LM-2→BDDI→PC


Published by Miguel Falcão


5 thoughts on “Montreux’s Theme (Jazz Bass)

  1. Frickin’ great as usual Miguel! Thanks so much for your dedication and willingness to share. You are certainly appreciated. Keep it up! All the best.

    -Mike from ID, USA.

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