Montreux’s Theme bass quest

Montreux’s Theme is one of the most graceful bass lines written and performed by Chris Squire, with such a great interplay along with Alan White and Steve Howe. Do you know which bass did Chris play? Would you like to have a guess? Please take a listen to the sample more below and take your vote. Thank you very much!


3 responses to “Montreux’s Theme bass quest

  1. Sorry, I can’t help to your bass question.
    How He plays there, by fingers or by pick,
    or mixed style ?
    Not in this theme but – here is a short
    interview of Chris Squire , given for the
    bulgarians 20 days before their 1st and
    only one concert in BG (23.03.2000 ) .
    ‘Google translate’ / to english/ will help

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