Montreux’s Theme (Jazz Bass)

Here is my first take using a Fender Jazz Bass, which was the most voted bass on the poll that I created. I will make another version with the Rickenbacker, which was the runner-up. Thank you so much for voting and commenting! Hopefully Chris will provide us the correct answer! Bass: Fender Jazz Bass 1975 Re-issue,Continue reading “Montreux’s Theme (Jazz Bass)”

Tall Ships

According to some interviews, this Squackett song came about after Chris Squire was testing a new Yamaha bass which was offered to him. The riff was then recorded and, as far as I can hear it, a four-bar sample is repeated throughout most of the song. When I began to analyse it, I faced some curious thingsContinue reading “Tall Ships”

The Man You Always Wanted Me To Be

Chris originally played this on his Lakland bass (tuned Eb Ab Db Gb). I used my Fender Jazz Bass. Bass: 1972 Fender Jazz Bass, Fiesta Red, Badass II bridge Strings: Rotosound Swing Bass RS66LD (45-105, stainless steel) Amp emulator: Ampeg SVX Signal path: Bass→PC→Ampeg SVX

Merry Christmas from Miguel

These are my wishes of Merry Christmas for all of you visiting my music. May the Music be with you always! Miguel

Practice Versus Perfect

This is an original song I made over the last weeks that I would like to share with you. Hope you enjoy. Thanks for sticking around! Miguel The idea started while trying to make another (yet unfinished) song. I thought it was getting too complicated and took on some accidental playing on my guitar. IContinue reading “Practice Versus Perfect”