Practice Versus Perfect

This is an original song I made over the last weeks that I would like to share with you. Hope you enjoy. Thanks for sticking around! Miguel

The idea started while trying to make another (yet unfinished) song. I thought it was getting too complicated and took on some accidental playing on my guitar. I found the riff ok and thought it could be the base for something simpler where I could work out an arrangement with all instruments, as to prepare myself for finishing the first song.
Anyway ideas started flowing and it ended up a bit more extended than I initially wanted. The basslines (intro and pre and post solo) were made up a bit after, while I was having fun experimenting with a demo of the Ampeg SVX plugin.

Then the drums – I wanted to find something that would make it sound simple (in spite of having to deal with some odd meter – a blend of 7/8 with 4/4) – and anyway, something I would be able to play by myself. Then the middle sections came about while I was inspired to write some lyrics.

The choral section is a four-part harmony (2 tracks for each voice) that starts – intentionally – very “Bulgarian” and ends up a bit more CS&N (that’s a nice combination :) as to make a passage to the acoustic guitar section and the main poem that I wrote with my dad’s old Ramirez – still sounds incredible. Some more arrangements were made by then, especially the double-bass parts.

Finally the second harmony part, probably the most difficult bit, because my idea was to link to the finale that was already made. Again a four-part harmony but a different one, that finally melts with the kind of repetitions towards the end. The bass solo was the last thing to be thought of.

Well that’s part of my memory description for this song. Most important is that it’s ready now and I can present it to you!
Thanks for watching!



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10 thoughts on “Practice Versus Perfect

  1. Gotta say i really like it, given me some great ideas for my own music. I would like to say thx as well for all the work u put on here it’s been a big help to me over the last year or two. After 15 years or so since my last band and hanging up my bass for 12 of those, i have found people just like u who have inspired me to start playing and writing again. Keep up the great work and thx again


    1. Hello Steve! Thanks for writing me. It’s great that you are motivated to pick up on music once more! Let’s wish that we’ll be able to keep doing what we love – Wish you a Merry Xmas!

  2. Olá miguel, parabens por este teu magnifico trabalho.
    Penso de verdade que vale a pèna acraditares que há gente por este mundo fora que gosta da tua musica.Eu gosto! e acredita que já ouvi muita musica.
    Continua a praticar permanece presente.

    Um grande Abraco

    1. Caro amigo, muito obrigado pelas tuas palavras. Apesar de também já ter a minha dose de música (ouvir, tocar) é aqui, através da internet, que consigo melhor exprimir aquilo que gosto de fazer e encontrar aqueles que gostam de me ouvir. É tudo muito mais simples e sem compromissos. Abraço e votos de Feliz Natal.

  3. Miguel – great song! I visit your site from time to time to see if you’ve posted anything new, and was pleasantly surprised to hear this original tune. The multi- instrument playing and layered singing is impressive, but I love the bass playing the most. Sounds fantastic. Keep em coming!

    Thanks, and happy holidays!

  4. Ótima música, sempre tenho ouvido as suas interpretações, agora finalmente ouço uma sua, tem mais?
    gostaria de ouvi-las, me informe por favor

    Vanderlei dos Reis

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