Play For Chris 9 – Open Call

Play for Chris 9 is the ninth edition of the worldwide tribute to Chris Squire.

Here is where you may express your desire to collaborate!

This year we maintain the original format of the first 5 editions where you can play along whichever song you choosePlease record a video within 30 and 90 seconds which I may arrange for the final edit. Please send by JUNE 10, 2023 the latest.

Send your video to me via a web service such as Dropbox, Wetransfer or Google Drive.

Remember that Play For Chris is not limited to bass players. You may enter with whatever instrument you wish, or sing!

Because it has been brought to my awareness that there are many of Chris Squire fans who do not play any instrument or sing and they would like to collectively express their feelings, along with their fellow musician fans, you may do so by recording a video testimony, speaking about your feelings for Chris. You may use any language as long as we can arrange a translation for subtitles.

Just fill in the form to join the project and I will keep you updated with what you will need to make your collaboration! CLICK HERE Play for Chris 9


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