A Venture

Unlikely maybe, but there is something of a “hidden gem” about “A Venture”. It’s a song written by Jon Anderson from The Yes Album that hasn’t been played live like all the other songs on that record. The bassline begins very self-contained on the neck pickup, and then begins to come out of the shell until it bursts on a very cool and distinctive blues/pentatonic solo. For that, I assumed the bridge pick-up was used and also thought maybe Chris played it behind the horseshoe. NOTE – for the time being this may be the last clip I upload until YouTube removes this awful audio compression scheme that many of you may have noticed. I searched around for days trying to fix the problem, but sadly this version was the best I could manage, mixing a sine wave of 10Hz. You still hear some noises on both ends of the video and still some YouTube dumb compression that I am not responsible for, aside deciding to upload the video. My apologies to all and still hoping you will enjoy my work. Thank You.


Published by Miguel Falcão


3 thoughts on “A Venture

  1. Miguel,

    great choice! What a mysterious little tune – I never get tired of hearing it. Your rendition is flawless, particularly the transition from the subdued “music hall accompaniment” to the funky jam towards the end (who said Yes never improvised).

    Please keep’em coming!

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