The Remembering – High the Memory (i)

I guess I’m trying to bring back songs that haven’t been played live by Yes for ages, and somehow present some visual performance from them for all Yes fans. The “forgotten” Remembering has always the song that I gave the least amont of listens from this album. Maybe because of that, when I started playing “Tales From Topographic Oceans” in my car, I started to rediscover the song – This happens a lot with Yes. I started to focus on the fretless bass – a quite personal approach to the instrument from Chris Squire a lot of surprising little details that are so great to analise, and play. My bass is a cheap j-bass copy and the frets were ripped by me “a la Jaco” many years ago. The neck has a lot of dead spots and harmonics are weak, so the overall sound is not the best. I hope to get it right on part 2, to follow soon. This time I used a Sadowsky “outboard bass preamp” for recording.


Published by Miguel Falcão


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