The Remembering – High the Memory (ii)

For this half of the song I tried to find a somewhat mellower, yet distorted tone that would be closer to the unique bass sound of the original recording. This bassline is technically demanding and exhausting, but it’s a joy to play, with superb note choice, and great dynamics. In a word – intense. I’m very glad I rediscovered this song “in the days of summer, so long”, and hope you too enjoy my cover and take a chance to dive deeper into the original masterpiece, into the Topographic Ocean.


Published by Miguel Falcão


One thought on “The Remembering – High the Memory (ii)

  1. Miguel…

    I am speechless. Utterly without speech. I must have watched this video a dozen times and after every single viewing, my jaw is on the ground. Note-for-note perfection, the beautifully executed mas rapido acsending/decending slides, octaves and that 2 minute section of tremolo picking. Man I’ll bet your right arm was tired after that! Mine got sore just watching. Thanks for putting this two-part video together. You are a true inspiration.

    Take care.


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