Run With The Fox

As Chris would say it – “Alan and I”, or as Alan would say it – “Chris and myself”. We wish you a Merry Christmas and another of many years sticking together! Merry Xmas everyone!


Published by Miguel Falcão


8 thoughts on “Run With The Fox

  1. Hey, I found your videos while searching for a 4001CS (which I finally found and should have next week). Very impressed with your projects.
    I was wondering about the different set ups and effects you use to get the tones. What do you use for the old stuff? The CS is a mono output. Squire’s bass is wired for stereo so you can’t split your signal. How do you do it? How do you like the CS? How does it compare to a vintage 4001?

    1. Hello John and thank you for your message.

      For most of the tracks I used the Sansamp Bass Driver DI, which serves as both DI and preamp. This unit emulates basically a miked Ampeg SVT-type stack. It’s very practical to use and I even take it to live performances. On some tracks I really used my Ampeg SVT II pro LE preamp output. Yes, the 4001CS is wired mono and it’s not possible to have the same stereo split as the stereo models have. Some effect-units already include a mix between dry and wet sound (see the Malekko pedal on Amazing Grace), or you may achieve the stereo effect by duplicating the mono track afterwards, applying the effect you wish, and mix it with the original. I think a good valve preamp/emulator like mine is a good place to start because it’s not a big investment and you can try its possibilities straight away and try some recordings. Equally as important is that you have your roundwound strings as fresh as possible. That will play a very important part on your sound.

      I did play on two 4001s – The fact is that each one sounded different… so I can’t really tell how the 4001CS compares with the 4001 in general. I think the CS sounds more like Chris Squire, that’s for sure and it has a very hot output – it goes louder than my active Warwick. I just wish the CS was really stereo-wired!


  2. Beautiful job once again Miguel ! I really love that CS Rick sound. I haven’t heard this song since ages and it’s really cool to have it posted with you playing it so well. Thanks again.

  3. It’s my favourite day of the year because I can listen to your cover of the best Christmas song in creation. My desert island video.

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