Starship Trooper – BASS AUDIO with TRANSCRIPTION

This is an old cover from 2001 where I added some non-bass parts played on the bass, to fill in for “Disillusion” and the guitar intro of Würm. The tremolo effect is a Boss TR-2 pedal, while the final fuzz was done with the multi-effects Boss ME-8B, along with it’s octave effect at the very end. The transcription is another kind contribution from Simon Gilman. Hope you enjoy it!

Download the transcription here.


Published by Miguel Falcão


3 thoughts on “Starship Trooper – BASS AUDIO with TRANSCRIPTION

  1. Miguel –

    thanks for posting these transcriptions. I’m a big, long-time fan of Yes and Chris Squire. In fact I had the pleasure of front row seats to see them last week in San diego. I’m a relative bass novice (4 years), but really enjoy trying to learn Chris’ music/techniques.

    Thanks for all of the great music that you perform/post.


    1. Hello Chris,
      Thank you for writing and letting me know that the transcriptions are helping with your playing. Learning with the inspiration of bass players like Chris is a great joy – I’m sure you’ll have a lot of fun but at the same time it will make you progress with your playing. You’re always welcome.

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