Astral Traveller – BASS AUDIO with TRANSCRIPTION

This is the first contribution from Simon Gilman, who made his bass transcription of Astral Traveller.

I added the same audio of my original audio bassline from 2008, with a slightly louder bass in the mix.
Hopefully it will sound a bit better (along with the apparently better audio encoding of YouTube) .

Download the transcription here!

Thank you, Simon, for your excellent work, and hope this will be the first of many!


Published by Miguel Falcão


4 thoughts on “Astral Traveller – BASS AUDIO with TRANSCRIPTION

  1. Miguel, thank you for the transcription! Your attention to detail is amazing. You capture even the most subtle inflections of Mr. Squire’s quirky playing.

  2. thanks you this transcription is perfect et your videos where you play chtis squire are greatest ass good as chris squire YES

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