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Happy Birthday, Amazing Chris!

Here’s a remaster of the Amazing Grace solo that I originally played in 2009.

Today is Chris’ 67th birthday – Happy Birthday, Chris!


Starship Trooper – BASS AUDIO with TRANSCRIPTION

This is an old cover from 2001 where I added some non-bass parts played on the bass, to fill in for “Disillusion” and the guitar intro of Würm. The tremolo effect is a Boss TR-2 pedal, while the final fuzz was done with the multi-effects Boss ME-8B, along with it’s octave effect at the very end. The transcription is another kind contribution from Simon Gilman. Hope you enjoy it!

Download the transcription here.


Amazing Grace

While I am preparing myself for what’s next to come, I decided to treat myself with a new effect pedal, which resembles Chris’ legendary fuzz tone of the Gibson Maestro Brassmaster – the Malekko b:assmaster (that’s no typo;). I was so eager to jam along with it that I made this short and quick video to share with you. It’s something that you might consider looking at if you are into this kind of sonic field. The pedal has many other interesting landscapes to explore and I even didn’t quite tweak it so well as to get the tone I wanted. The solo – Amazing Grace (hopefully) as created by our Hero – doesn’t follow any specific version. I played and pumped the pedals freely and it was indeed the only take I did, on the heat of the moment. I did go fingerstyle – which Chris does on his Starlicks video, but not always on some live boots circulating around here and there. For me, it permitted me to have more control on the mad attack response of the fuzz circuitry and also allowed me to muffle the non-played strings which can ressonate and generate frequencies that mess completely the fuzzed-driven sustain of the note I wanted to play (you will notice it anyway). The mighty Moog Taurus sound comes from an incredibly faithful VSTi freeware plugin by kvraudio.com, triggered by my Fatar MP-1. I taylored a bit the settings and off I went… Of course YT audio compression felt a bit dizzy with the earthshaking frequencies… it sounds better than here… but that’s YT. Hope you enjoy the clip. A big warm thank you for all the friends that continue to support and motivate me to carry on with my thing – You’re part of it too! Amazing Grace – Performed by Chris Squire – was recorded at advision studios at November 4, 1976. It was realeased on the Yesyears box-set. It became one of Chris’ main live solo spots, having been released on 90125 Live – The Solos.