To Be Alive

A beautiful song by Billy Sherwood. Also a good example of how to make use of the 8-string bass, letting the notes shine, keeping it simple and focus on the timbre of the instrument. The top two strings are tuned in perfect fifths (just like “Changes” or “Hearts”)

2 responses to “To Be Alive

  1. Hey Miguel,

    Nice job. I didn’t even realize Squi was using a harmonized 8-string on that track until you demo’ed it. Now when I listen to it, I hear it crystal clear. Now I’ll have to go listen to Changes and Hearts more closely. Thanks for sharing.

    All the best,

  2. Hi Mike – “It will be a Good Day” too, it’s even more noticeable. The Ranney sounds terrific in that tuning! Thanks for the visit!


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