From my transcription in 2006, played on the Rickenbacker. The the original was played on a Bob Glaub Signature Series Lakland P-Bass.

Same take with original track on the background

Download the pdf transcription here!


Published by Miguel Falcão


2 thoughts on “In The Presence Of – BASS AUDIO with TRANSCRIPTION

  1. Hi Miguel,
    Dude, you are truly an amazing individual. To figure out CTTE, The Remembering, Gates, On the Silent Wings of Freedom, etc. by ear AND mastering them – Wow! If Chris ever retires from Yes, you could step in and the band wouldn’t miss a beat. I myself am a guitar player and it takes me FOREVER trying to figure out Howe’s parts, and even then, getting up to speed and playing cleanly, are aspects that often evade me. You are a true inspiration, friend. Keep up the good work, and on behalf of all who have viewed your video’s, a heartfelt thanks for sharing with us.
    All the best!

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