The Gates of Delirium (i)

I spent my National Holiday (one year after I did Astral Traveller) editing this clip. For the past weeks I have been learning how to play it, from my favourite version, from Yesshows – it’s a live version, so my moto was chosen “my room is my stage” :) I collected some photos on the net, trying to illustrate a Yesshow from that era. I did 4 takes, but sadly on one of them the camera was off focus, the audio was ok though. Then I tryed to get the best of those takes (you can see I put two video takes at some point on the background just for fun).


Published by Miguel Falcão


One thought on “The Gates of Delirium (i)

  1. Good lord, my friend…

    Outstanding! I wouldn’t believe you were pulling that off if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes and heard it with my own ears. The work you’ve put in on this truly shows. What a masterful performance. Please keep your project going. Watching your clips is a continual inspiration as a fellow musician.

    Take care,


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