It’s My Life 5-string – isolated bass

This is the last video of the custom video series made for our friend Doran Cox. The isolated bass version of Talk Talk’s “it’s my life” bass cover on a 5-string bass. The original cover video is here.I would like to thank Doran Cox for supporting my work with these custom videos!


It’s My Life 5-string

Second custom video made for our friend Doran Cox. Talk Talk’s “it’s my life” , this time in a 5-string bass, Warwick Thumb Bass 5. The 4-string version was released previously. In both of them you hear the bass through my new wonderful Bass compressor by Empress Effects!

Rhythm Of Love

Throughout this Holiday season, I recorded this very special bass cover of “Rhythm Of Love”. As you may know, the album Big Generator (1987) was yet another challenge for Chris Squire, as he used a 5-string bass for all of the songs. Yet Chris made several alterations regarding the tuning. On this track (and others,Continue reading “Rhythm Of Love”