3 thoughts on “Chords for 29/2

  1. Hello dear,

    I’m a 40 year old huge fan of yes. You made me start to learn the bass one year ago through your different covers. What you do is highly appreciable, top notch work. Personnaly, i don(t think i will reach such a level. No matter, I enjoy ! See you !

    1. Hello Sebastien. Thank you for writing – sorry for the late reply. I am very happy to know how you decided to take the bass and hope you’re still having a good time with it! Enjoying is for me the most important, regardless of where you are within the “learning curve”. All the best!

      1. Thanks for your reply ! It’s getting better and better ever since i decided to work all the minor and major lines. Can you give me some advices ti improve myself? I once met chris squire 15 years ago and in front of him in brussels on occasion of their concert ! All the best !

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