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Interview at Bulgarian National Television

This morning I was interviewed by Bulgarian National Television about my interest for Bulgarian Folklore, along with my Gadulka teacher Angel Dobrev.

bntWe played a duet consisting of a study in the format Paydushko Horo, a traditional Bulgarian dance in 5/8.

You can watch the video at


Bulgarian Folk Music session with Angel Dobrev and Petar Milanov

Dear Friends, I am again now in Bulgaria, for a second year of learning more about the wonderful Bulgarian traditional music. Last year I started to learn Gadulka, the Bulgarian fiddle, with Professor Angel Dobrev, Gadulka extraordinaire of the Folk Orchestra of Bulgarian National Radio and Gadulka luthier, who made my own gadulka.

The gadulka standard tuning is A E A , but besides the 3 main strings there are 11 resonant strings with the chromatic scale (except A, maybe because there’s already two As) which makes the gadulka sound so unique.

On this very special session, I had the immense pleasure of playing with one of my favourite musicians – Petar Milanov, guitarrist of the National Ensemble Filip Kutev Ensemble.

I was given the role of playing the main melody, a Daychovo Horo – a dance in 9/8 meter, while Angel and Petar provided harmony, which was totally improvised over the melody. We recorded two takes, meaning two completely different arrangements.

I believe that you will like the richness of Bulgarian Folk Music, and hopefully this will catch your interest to discover more of it. There is a lot to choose from, from melody, harmony, to time signatures and the virtuosity of the players, singers and choirs. Not forgetting the uniqueness of the Bulgarian instruments such as the Tambura, Kaval, Gaida and, of course, Gadulka.

I think in general Bulgarian folk has many elements that can attract Yesfans!

Chris lives on

Dear Friends,

I would like to thank you all those who have sent messages, comments or emails in the last weeks. Like many of you, I have been reading the massive flow of manifestations of grief, support and tribute to Chris, eventually finding some comfort in knowing that these feelings were shared by so many.

At the same time I was also handling daily routines, work and travelling, Chris was always present in my thoughts. Your messages were all read. I couldn’t reply to all of you and that’s why I am writing now.

So thank you very much for your support, for all the care and the positive energies that you have sent me, which I took and redirected in thoughts to Chris’ family and close friends, who have gone through the most difficult times.

We’ll continue to remember Chris and celebrate his music and person.

Thanks again!



Our Chris has left us

Dear Chris,

Thank you for the infinite amount of happiness that you have brought into my life. Be sure that you will remain brightly in our hearts. By leaving us today, you also gave me the consolation of knowing that when my day arrives, I will know who to look for.

As a great friend of mine told me – you lived productively and victoriously – you deserve paradise.

My deepest condolences to Chris’ family and friends.

I Love You




N.P. If you would like to share this post or content please use hashtag #playforChris

I would like to invite you to collaborate with me in a video to show our Love and support to Chris Squire. The video below will show you how you join this initiative, hoping that in some days time we’ll be able to deliver some minutes of devotion to Our Hero, in the shape of our words and sounds.

Instructions (similar text as the video)

1-Record a video of yourself playing bass, to any Yes or Chris’ song that you like. If you play other instrument or you want to play something else it’s cool as well – The main thing is to send good vibes to Chris all together! Please keep the video length around 30 seconds

2-Send the clip to by wetransfer or other method you prefer, just let me know.

3-Include a text message with best wishes for Chris, a prayer, stating your Love for Chris. The message will be displayed along with your clip. Include your name/city/country.

Note – even if you can’t play any instrument or sing, you can record yourself just speaking your best wishes for Chris!

The videos will be compiled by me and made available here, at my YouTube and Facebook pages.

Let’s make it happen?

Thank you from the heart!


Announcement for collaboration


Dear friends, soon I’ll ask for your collaboration in a video for us to show our support to Chris. Stay tuned – Onward.



Gouveia Art Rock Festival 2015

Last weekend there was another edition of the Gouveia Art Rock Festival. This is a great chance to listen to progressive sounds from all over the world. One of those great moments was of course Rick Wakeman, two years ago.

I show you some of my favourite moments: Syndone, California Guitar Trio and Magma.




Happy Birthday, Amazing Chris!

Here’s a remaster of the Amazing Grace solo that I originally played in 2009.

Today is Chris’ 67th birthday – Happy Birthday, Chris!


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

This week I started to put some bass tracks with my friends of Lulas Belhas. As this year I haven’t made any special Christmas video, I post here Lulas Belhas’ Christmas message (in Portuguese).

Of course you can still re-visit some of my previous Christmas clips, such as Run With The Fox, Personent Hodie or Silent Night.

I would like to wish to all friends throughout the internet Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Hoping all the best for 2015!

Thank you, as always, for being here!


Yes Music Podcast 150th Episode

Congratulations to Kevin Mulryne for Episode 150 of the Yes Music Podcast!

For some years now, the YMP has been the reference podcast about our favourite band, gathering fans from all over the world. For this episode, Kevin also asked for the listeners to record and send YMP announcements in their own native language, which I did. On this episode you will travel through some moments of the YMP throughout the times, including an excerpt of an interview with me on episode 69.