Eu Sou Eu – lyrics video

My first released single, published by CD Baby – For a long time I wished to restart producing my own music. This song was worked during the last months, actually with an idea that lived with me for a long time, and was developed to the final stages as soon as I took the decision to become a full-time musician and music teacher.

In this song, you will hopefully find hints of the music world that you know I love – my vision of Yes Music, with the eternal presence of my musical hero, Chris Squire. The emphasis on the tone of the Rickenbacker bass, Moog Synths and bass pedals, odd-time meters, and puzzle-layered vocal harmonies are elements that always have floated in my imagination – although in this composition I tried to join them in a way that sounded simple and intuitive to the listener, and the first listener was me!
The lyrics are in Portuguese, but whether you understand or not the words, you are invited to picture your own scenery as you listen to it.

Thank you for being with me through this journey .

Please check your favourite music platforms below to listen to this song in the best audio quality – here are links for some of the main services : Apple Music Spotify Amazon Music


Published by Miguel Falcão


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