Interview at Bulgarian National Television

This morning I was interviewed by Bulgarian National Television about my interest for Bulgarian Folklore, along with my Gadulka teacher Angel Dobrev.

bntWe played a duet consisting of a study in the format Paydushko Horo, a traditional Bulgarian dance in 5/8.

You can watch the video at


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2 thoughts on “Interview at Bulgarian National Television

  1. I enjoyed listening to the interview and hearing the two of you play. Mr. Dobrev spoke so clearly and informatively about the instrument and the music, and clearly has a wide-ranging curiosity about the connections between varying national musical traditions and instruments. Did he make the gadulkas you were playing? I hope you enjoyed your time in Koprivshtitza. It’s a beautiful town year-round, though of course overtaken every five years by the wonderful National Festival of Bulgarian Folklore.

    1. Hello Riza,
      Thank you for your kind comment which I took so long to find and reply.
      This year Koprivshtica returns and I will be with my teacher there. Yes he is the maker of my gadulka and also the instruments that can be seen in the video,
      Best regards

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