Chris lives on

Dear Friends,

I would like to thank you all those who have sent messages, comments or emails in the last weeks. Like many of you, I have been reading the massive flow of manifestations of grief, support and tribute to Chris, eventually finding some comfort in knowing that these feelings were shared by so many.

At the same time I was also handling daily routines, work and travelling, Chris was always present in my thoughts. Your messages were all read. I couldn’t reply to all of you and that’s why I am writing now.

So thank you very much for your support, for all the care and the positive energies that you have sent me, which I took and redirected in thoughts to Chris’ family and close friends, who have gone through the most difficult times.

We’ll continue to remember Chris and celebrate his music and person.

Thanks again!




Published by Miguel Falcão


One thought on “Chris lives on

  1. miguel, i want to thank you for sharing your love for yes and chris. i do not play any instruments. but i remember back in ‘1970 when i first heard yes, i was in love with the bass. i grew up in a poor family, and i could not afford to buy a bass or even lessons. but i did become one of the best bass air guitar players. hard to believe its been 45 years of yes and chris’s music. over the years i have seen them play several times. even though i have never met any of them in person, i feel like i am an extended member of the band. chris was and always will be my favorite musician. i was so sad to hear he had passed away, i could not hold back the tears. i am still finding it difficult to except. it was only chance that i found some of your videos on the internet, but im so glad i did, watching you play reminds me of chris becouse your so very good. a lot like chris himself. thank you for that, i love some of chris’s other music as well. his work with billy sheerwood ( conspiracy ) and steve hacket ( shacket ) are very good and very under rated. i always make sure i listen to some of yes or chris’ music every day. and now yours too. i can tell when i watch you play you really love it just like i do. i really liked the meddly of diifferant fans and musicians you put togeather to honor chris it was very heart felt. thanks again, best wishes ! and live long and prosper!!. denis darcy

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