Our Chris has left us

Dear Chris,

Thank you for the infinite amount of happiness that you have brought into my life. Be sure that you will remain brightly in our hearts. By leaving us today, you also gave me the consolation of knowing that when my day arrives, I will know who to look for.

As a great friend of mine told me – you lived productively and victoriously – you deserve paradise.

My deepest condolences to Chris’ family and friends.

I Love You



Published by Miguel Falcão


12 thoughts on “Our Chris has left us

  1. Chris has temporarily left us, but we have his music to fill the time until we’ll meet again: RIP

  2. Your videos are an excellent tribute to Chris, Miguel. Like you I am very sad to hear the news, but it was somewhat expected I suppose. I am in Cantabria this week with my wife and I plan on playing a lot of Yes through my headphones. The sea will calm me a bit … Still a bit numb from the news. Cheers and thanks for your good energy.

  3. Tanks Miguel for your beautiful words and fantastic Chris covers !
    I’m feeling so sad tonight.
    We’ll never forget all these wonderful years with Chris music !
    RIP Chris

  4. Thanks Miguel for your tribute and encouragement – Chris’ legacy is in good hands with you.

    Godspeed Chris, be borne on wings of light into our eternity.

  5. Merci Miguel pour ces mots.
    Sa musique restera, mais plus rien ne sera pareil, il me manque déjà. Toutes mes condoléances à sa famille.

  6. Thank you Miguel for all these years of bring Chris Squire’s musical parts to the forefront. Especially when they were lower in the released mix. You have done a fabulous job! Peace & harmony to you and your loved ones. <3

  7. Dear Miguel, the tears in your soul shine. Your love is so real …
    flowers for Chris Squire

  8. Merci Miguel, What a wonderful Life! I can’t find the words, I’m so sad…

  9. Hi Miguel – this is Simon, who did some transcriptions for you a few years ago. I’ve been thinking of you, and how you, and I, and so many people have been feeling sad at the loss of Chris. But the music lives on, and Chris has merely ‘changed his existence for another kind’.

  10. Miguel, it is people like you that will help keep Chris’s spirit alive. He gave us so much and we need to help carry on his legacy. You are the best

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