On the Silent Wings of Freedom

Note: A remastered version of this video, with better quality can be watched here.

On the Silent Wings of Freedom was my first YES-bassline video, recorded, most appropriately, to celebrate Chris Squire’s 60th birthday.

“onward, through the night”… of March 4th 2008, celebrating the 60th “ever opening flower” of Mr.Chris Squire. My 1st attempt on YouTube, hope you like it. More to come soon, “hopefully, eventually”!

Bass: Rickenbacker 4001CS

Strings: Rotosound Swing Bass RS66LD (45-105, stainless steel)

Preamp: Sansamp Bass Driver DI (BDDI)

Effects: Guitar Rig 3 – Autofilter (envelope filter) and Chorus


Published by Miguel Falcão


6 thoughts on “On the Silent Wings of Freedom

  1. Did you catch the interview with CS on Star Licks where he talks about among other things the bass chords on “Wings?”

    YES really lost their edge on “Tormato.” If it weren’t for “Silent Wings” that would have been a really dull album.

    Thankfully they got allot of it back on “Drama.”

    BTW: Great bass playing dude!

    1. Thanks Larry! Yes I have the vhs cassete :) Chris explains the chords and I used that info because there was no other footage of this song that showed so well his playing there. I thought it was a completely different fingering pattern by then, so I immediately changed to how Chris shows.

  2. great playing the ethereal “silent wings” ,,,it’s great to have someone as gifted as you to share the inimitable chris squire, my favorite bass player and band.

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