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Inteview on Billy-News

An inteview with me, about the recent concert with Émasfoi-se, a band from Coimbra from 20 years ago.
The site is a blog focusing on the Portuguese Punk scene. Although Émasfoi-se wasn’t exactly “Punk”, there were many references and sometimes parodies which included Punk.

(All content is in Portuguese Language)


Concert with Émasfoi-se

From my early years as a musician in a band, “Émasfoi-se” was one of the best bands I took part in, certainly the funniest, combining energetic concerts with stage performances. Musically, it was a bit of everything: a lot of punk mixed with folklore, kitsch, metal and many stolen references, often thrown in with nonsense. This band is still regarded as one of the most creative of that era of the then so-called “música moderna portuguesa”, in the late 80’s/early 90’s. Twenty years later we decided to have a one-off concert at our home city. It was for all of us a great time, to be together on stage and to rediscover on rehearsals how on earth we came up with that music!