The time between the notes

Dear Friends, in the next months I will have to focus on my PhD thesis, so I will put a hold on the videos, although I’m getting a lot of inspiring suggestions from you, and a few ideas of my own! Likewise the online lessons will be temporarily suspended. Only as soon as I am done with my professional/scholar duties I’ll be able to resume with the main musical activities, to keep them at a level that I’m happy with – and hopefully you too. I’ll keep posting, as always, whenever I find something worth to share with you.
Thanks for being here!

Published by Miguel Falcão


3 thoughts on “The time between the notes

  1. wassup dude, I iust started playing the bass (I LOVE IT) – I’m LOVING this Heart on the Sunrise cover playing through my headphones, I’m just getting into home recording too (sweet bass recording), been player 6 string 20+years, this is highly inspirational, I’m gonna learn this one \primus sucks

  2. HABLO Español tambien… Es mi primer idioma ;) muxas gracias. This cover is great, the chords at the end are badass EPIC bravo

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