Dear friends,

Almost after one year since Chris passed away, fans from all over the world unite to pay tribute to Our Hero. I would like to thank to all of those who took the time to be involved in this second edition, hoping that this video will demonstrate the singular love that Chris generated in so many fans, some of which are here so well represented.

Thank You Chris!


Published by Miguel Falcão


7 thoughts on “#playforChris2

  1. That is awesome! Great work, everyone. If you do a #3, I would like to be part of it please. Thank you to everyone again for the awesome job. And especially you Miguel! R.I.P. Chris.

    1. Hello again, John. I intend to do the 3rd edition of Play For Chris, of course. You’re very welcome! I haven’t made any announcement yet but, just in case, you may start working on your contribution. Thank you!

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