The Solution

Time to re-discover another OYE song – The Solution was always one of my favourites for the beautiful vocal interplay between Jon and Billy nad the tricky odd-time meters. Chris’ bass does have a mighty tone here. I wonder which bass was used… the Tobias extended scale? The 6-stringed Carvin? My friend Américo Silva from Music-Light lent me his new-old bass, made by JP Custom Guitars, here in Portugal. – a beautiful sounding bass.

As usual I took the bass notes by ear – some parts I wasn’t absolutely sure of the notes. Perhaps the most difficult part for me was that groovy riff around E – to understand the notes played and fingering pattern… well, I hope I didn’t miss by many. All in all it’s a bassline full of interest, contrasts and a thunderous tone!

Bass: JP Custom Guitars “Luso”

Strings: Elixir

Signal conditioning: Boss LM-2 (limiter)

Preamp: Sansamp Bass Driver DI (BDDI)

Signal path: Bass→LM-2→BDDI→PC


Published by Miguel Falcão


5 thoughts on “The Solution

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY , Dear Miguel !!!
    about the clip after 05:30….
    – Ooou….what a hungry lion is that bass(es) , hidden there…….
    MigueLionbass :)

    1. Zdrasti, Katya! Thank you so much for your wishes :) Glad you found your way through the forest, after the five and a half minutes! I’m still listening to Bulgarian music, in fact even more! :)

  2. Awesome as always Miguel! LOVE your version of the OYE ambiance track! You should start a contest to see how many of your followers can identify all of the riffs.

    Quick question. Did you end up sampling your prerecorded riffs or did you rerecord them live?

    Thanks so much for your continual postings. They are always a blast to listen to and learn from. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

    All the best,


    1. Hello Mike! Those were all taken from earlier recordings with the exception of the very last faded one, which I had to especially play for the occasion. You know there are not too many who found the rest of the clip – after all I wanted to keep it “hidden” :) I’ll make the contest as you suggested – seems like fun! Thank you for your continuous interest and support!

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