Interview at Yes Music Podcast

By Christmas time I had the honour to be interviewed by Kevin Mulryne’s Yes Music Podcast show. It turned out to be a really nice chat! Thank you very much, Kevin! I take the opportunity to wish everyone a Merry belated Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Published by Miguel Falcão


4 thoughts on “Interview at Yes Music Podcast

  1. Thanks for the mention, Miguel! It was indeed a great chat.

    Good luck for 2013.


    1. Great interview Miguel. You seem like a very down to earth guy. It was interesting to hear a bit more about yourself (than you’ve already disclosed through your posts). As always, looking forward to your next upload. Ever consider ‘Footprints’ or ‘Bring Me to the Power’? They seem like they’d be quite fun to play, especially on the bass.

      All the best brother,


      1. Hello Mike. Glad you found the interview interesting. I haven’t considered those two songs yet, but that’s why it’s good to hear suggestions like yours. Let’s see when I will have more time for the next one. Thanks as always – Miguel

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