YES transcriptions by Steve Glasgow

Scottish musician Steve Glasgow has made incredible bass transcriptions from several artists, including YES.
Besides downloading the scores and tabs, you can read Steve’s in-depth analysis of the basslines, which are very interesting and show the dedication and valuable work of this fine musician.

Steve Glasgow – Going For The One

Steve Glasgow – Parallels

Steve’s website is also good looking and well organized. I strongly recommend a visit!


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2 thoughts on “YES transcriptions by Steve Glasgow

  1. Hello,

    I appreciate the “Hold out your Hand” transcription even if I am not OK with the measures (3/2 seems more close to 3/4 et 7/4 is 7/8 because the two measures of 4/4 is a 4/2 and you know that the basic thinking of rock transcriptions is based on 4/4 ) The notes are here but we are just not OK for measures repartition…A 7/4 is not a 7/8 because a 7/8 is a 4/4 with a cut of an eight (like in Lucky Seven), a sort of truncated thinking…
    But it is precious to me because as a drums teacher and also, just a litlle bass player, my lessons are on a bass basis : all my students have to play a bass harmonic form on vibes or marimba, and I play the bass part with them on drums. Every drums’lesson is actually a forms’lesson and a work on the bass and drums duo.

    Now, thay can work on Hold out your Hand” with the bass part !
    Relly precious…Thanks a lot !

  2. Hello Arnaud! You have a point with the timing signatures, in fact the transcription was by Simon Gilman. At the time I verified the notes but not the time signature. Although they fit, it could be written in other measures. As I played all by ear, I wasn’t thinking about that. If you ever have time, iy would be great to see how you would write the notes. Would be a great addition to the discussion. Thank you very much for taking the time to visit and comment!

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