Panda Pompoir CD

During the two last years I collaborated with Panda Pompoir, a band from Coimbra, my city. The CD was finally released. Most of the tracks are sung in Portuguese with a pseudo-Brazilian accent. I used the Fender Precision for the whole album, the Moog Taurus plugin in one track, as well as the some of keyboards and backing vocals. This CD, with the distinctive artwork of João Pombeiro is now available, so in case you’re interested just let me know. Thanks for listening!


Published by Miguel Falcão


One thought on “Panda Pompoir CD

  1. GREETINGS from all heart ! Excellent done music !
    Who made compositions , arrangements ??
    I want to know more about song 4:28 to 5:11 ,
    (please !!! ), very much I liked it .Classical back vocals and bass ! Very fresh design of video and YT. Wish you great success!

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