I would welcome all kinds of suggestions and comments about this blog-site. I am taking care of this alone and my webmastering/designing experience is at beginner level.

On this topic, please leave your thoughts here!

Thank you very much.


31 thoughts on “Suggestions

  1. Hi Miguel – Just bought Chris Squire’s Swiss Choir CD and came upon your YouTube “Run with the Fox” video – awesome job!!! Just saw Yes and Asia in NY last week – Chris still rocks and thunders! Were you able to see them this tour?

    Do you know of the one Yes song released only on a compilation CD in which Chris sings lead vocals vs. Jon? I read about it online but can’t find it or remember the title. I know “Run with the Fox” was on YesYears but this was a song with Jon I think. Thanks, Dave

    1. Hello Dave, I hope to be able to catch Yes on the European leg of the current tour. The song that you heard may be one of these from the early years: For Everyone (which was transformed later on Starship Trooper’s “Disillusion”) or It’s Love (The Rascals’ cover). Both feature Jon and Chris trading vocals and right now are the ones that I remember as being on a compilation only. Thanks for writing!

      1. Thanks Miguel,

        I saw them twice in the US and loved the show – Asia was great too. I may even try and get to Europe and see them again. The played a great Machine Messiah. Just listened to yours and it was awesome as always. Has Chris seen your videos? Take care,


      2. Finally found it – it is “Can You Imagine” from the Magnification CD. It was evolved from the original song “I Believe” from Chris’s XYZ unreleased band days. I just bought Chris Squire’s Swiss Choir – excellent CD. Take care,


    1. Hello Martin!

      You sent me yours via email on a word file attached. I wasn’t sure you wanted to post in on the site.
      Do you want me to post it for you or you want to post that yourself at the comments section?
      Sorry if you tried to post it there it didn’t arrive – I got all comments approved so far.

      Vielen Danke


  2. Olá Miguel, tudo bem?
    Queria deixar uma sugestão de bassline do Squire para um vídeo futuro: America!
    Acho uma das linhas mais belas e criativas do velho Squire. Sem contar que o baixo saiu super alto na mixagem original, um super tapa nos ouvidos.
    Pedro Broggini (cucaboy)

    1. Oi Pedro! Já não és o primeiro a sugerir o America – Tenho que me “debruçar” sobre o assunto pois confesso que é daquelas que ainda não me dediquei a fundo, embora ache a verão maravilhosa, adore a linha de baixo, sem falar no solo épico do Steve. Um abração! M

  3. Hello Miguel,
    as you know I still enjoy with your great work, and I suggest maybe now it’s the time for the “Sound Chaser” video bassline ?
    I have just found an old Rick lawsuit bass few months ago, ( but I hope I’ll found a real old one Rick maybe some day ), and now I begin to understand the very special way to play this instrument.
    All the best,

    1. Hello Rv,

      Thanks for the suggestion – you’re also not alone on this one. I still haven’t tried to play SC in detail – it’s a really hard one – I want to give it a try for sure. Enjoy your new bass and thanks for writing again!

  4. olá Miguel,queria dar-te os parabéns pelo o video Asta traveller. Muito boa actuacao, realmente digna de representar as cores de Portugal!Mais um Portugues que vem dar contributo ao mundo da musica, e desta vez no baixo que é o sal da musica. Quero felicitar-te tambem pelo o trabalho que tens vindo a fazer,e que tem com certeza (como a mim), vindo a motivar muita gente por este mundo fora, a aprefessoar-se no baixo.A mim deste-me tambem a vontade de tocar Yes, Eu tentei baixar as notas(Astra traveller),mas nao consegui devido a erro.Será que podes enviar-me isso?

    Um grande abraco

  5. Great Site. Anyway to add a search and/or a listing of your YES PDF’s? You have excellent stuff here, so making things easier to find would be just dandy!

  6. Hi,

    Thanks for all the covers you make
    its stunning

    i have a suggestions
    Your is no disgrace

  7. You blow me away my friend. If you ever get the time-if you would do all of the Yes “Drama” That would put me in heaven! Thanks and keep it going!

  8. You are fantastic bass player!! I have learned many bass skills from your videos!

    Well…. there is a one question I would like to ask you, because you are a bass player and a musician!! Have you ever had a tenosynovitis? I suffer from it right now and it has lasted nearly half an year. Could you tell me some tips how to avoid tenosynovitis, because when this will go over, I dont want it back in any case.

    Greetings from Finland!!!

    1. I wish I could help you… I have not yet suffered from that thus I am not competent to give any useful advice :( Wish you a fast recovery! Miguel

  9. Hi, Miguel.
    I’m from Taiwan, I enjoy every videos of yours! Your playing, tone, video-making are just flawless!
    I’m using a Precision Bass. And I struggle to get Chris Squire’s aggressive tone. Would you share some tips?
    Best Wishes.

    1. Hello Dan. Please take a look (if you haven’t) already to some notes I wrote on the FAQ section. Oh, I took a look to your uploads. You made really good covers and you have a very clean smooth technique. You seem to hit the strings very softly. As I see you have good gear, I think it will also help to try a more “aggressive” (as you wrote) string plucking approach – hitting the strings a bit harder (compensating with lower amp volume). Thanks for writing. M

  10. Hello, old Friend Miguel!

    I wish you could post something about your old project “Mortuary”, specially the “Ignore the Past” song. I still think it’s a really great music and you should share that amazing sound with the rest of the world.
    With you the best, man!!
    You did an excellent job on the “Yes” songs!!! Love it!!

    Ass.: Sergio DemonYes

    1. Hello dear Sérgio, it’s great to hear from you after all these years :) I hope all is well and I will take note of your suggestion to publish here some of the old stuff :) Um grande abraço!

  11. Hi Miguel

    I love the music of Chris for many years ( i was 12 when i first hear Drama, i’m 48 today !). In 1992, I met him 2 minutes in Marseille (France) after a concert (the Union Tour). I shook his huge hand and he signed me an autograph… A massive and charismatic man and an awesome musician… I miss him so… However…. I’m really impressed by your work, it’s a real tribute of an huge fan !!!!

    A simple question first :
    What do you think about Conspiracy ?
    I can’t find any cover from the Sherwood / Squire duet ?
    Some suggestions :
    – Violet Purple Rose
    – New world
    – The unknown

    I’m also interested in CAM… so, can you post some advices about Chris sound ? Amps ? CAM configuration (Mac/Pc ? plugins VST ? )

    Muito obrigado ;)
    (excuse my english / my portuguese, i’m french !)

    1. Hi Mark!

      I always enjoyed the Conspiracy records, in fact I have for a long time a recording from a Chris Squire Experiment show from 1992 so I knew most songs before they were released later on. The first record is my favourite, especially Days of Wonder, No Rhyme, Violet Purple Rose, to name a few. I still haven’t made a cover out of any of those but I take your suggestion!

      As for my setup, please take a look at my post where I talk about my basic setup. If you need further advice let me know of I can help you!

      Thanks for your interest in my videos!

      All the best.

  12. Hola! Miguel. I just finished listening to the Chris Squire Box Set 5.1 and original 2.0 mix remastered and I realized you haven’t done Safe(Canon Song) so I hereby request that. Mind blowing music but you would nail it as always. Thank you, Rand.

  13. Prezado Miguel, não sei se já lhe sugeriram, mas as três primeiras faixas do álbum Criminal Record, do Rick Wakeman, têm a participação do Chris Squire. No mesmo estilo dele com o Yes, inconfundível.

  14. Здравствуйте Мигель. Большое спасибо за Ваши видео. Хотелось бы увидеть и услышать “Something’s coming” в Вашем исполнении. Спасибо.

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