Play for Chris 7/ Words for Chris

Play for Chris 7 is the 7th edition of the worldwide tribute to Chris Squire. After a live chat session on my YouTube channel, it was decided that this year’s edition will focus on the track “Lucky Seven”, from Chris’ solo album “Fish out of Water”. Here is where you may express your desire to collaborate!

Remember that Play For Chris is not limited to bass players. You may enter with whatever instrument you wish, or sing!

Because it has been brought to my awareness that there are many of Chris Squire fans who do not play any instrument or sing and they would like to collectively express their feelings, along with their fellow musician fans, a parallel project, under the working title of “Words for Chris” will also be created, for all participants, musicians or not. This will simply consist in recording a video testimony, speaking about your feelings for Chris. You may use any language as long as we can arrange a translation for subtitles.

Just fill in the form to join the project(s) and I will keep you updated with what you will need to make your collaboration!

Update: Play For Chris 7 is now closed for submissions but you may still enter Words for Chris!

Watch the live chat session about starting these projects

Watch the last edition of Play for Chris!

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