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The Solution

Time to re-discover another OYE song – The Solution was always one of my favourites for the beautiful vocal interplay between Jon and Billy nad the tricky odd-time meters. Chris’ bass does have a mighty tone here. I wonder which bass was used… the Tobias extended scale? The 6-stringed Carvin? My friend Américo Silva from Music-Light lent me his new-old bass, made by JP Custom Guitars, here in Portugal. – a beautiful sounding bass.

As usual I took the bass notes by ear – some parts I wasn’t absolutely sure of the notes. Perhaps the most difficult part for me was that groovy riff around E – to understand the notes played and fingering pattern… well, I hope I didn’t miss by many. All in all it’s a bassline full of interest, contrasts and a thunderous tone!

Bass: JP Custom Guitars “Luso”

Strings: Elixir

Signal conditioning: Boss LM-2 (limiter)

Preamp: Sansamp Bass Driver DI (BDDI)

Signal path: Bass→LM-2→BDDI→PC